Monday, January 6th 2014

  • Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Dr Leo Varadkar, TD, confirms that a Development Council for Cork Airport will be established.

I am pleased that Minister Varadkar confirmed to me that a Development Council for Cork Airport will be established.  This will provide the forum for all key stakeholders who have an interest in the development of Cork Airport to engage with management and contribute to the further growth of the airport.

Cork Airport serves the entire region of Ireland South, making it a convenient airport of choice for a population of almost 1 million.  It is also on the door step of many large international businesses and at the centre of Cork’s growing international reputation as a key IT hub.  These clear competitive advantages reinforce the potential of Cork Airport and its importance to our local, regional and national economies.

If the airport is to reach its full potential there must be clear lines of communication between management at the airport and key stakeholders.  There is a clear mutual interest in the growth of Cork Airport and there are many people and groups who will share in the benefits of future growth.  If this potential is to be harnessed then there must be a formalised process of engagement, which is why I raised this issue with the Minister.

The recent announcement of the expansion of Aer Lingus Regional services at Cork Airport highlights the progress that is being made.  I want to again to commend the team at Cork Airport for delivering this further growth at the airport.  This reaffirms the status of Cork Airport as Ireland’s second airport and a key transport link for the entire Munster region.

Clearly, this demonstrates the potential for growth that is possible at Cork Airport.  The establishment of a Development Council will provide the basis for further growth. This will ensure that there is a common understanding, particularly at local level, of issues of concern, potential opportunities for growth, and the operating performance of the airport.