Someone must be responsible for marketing Cork tourism

Someone must be responsible for marketing Cork tourism

“For some time now I have said that Cork must be marketed as a single destination and as ‘the gateway to all Munster’ when it comes to attracting tourists.

“Finally, we are getting a step closer to this goal but when the new marketing strategy for Cork tourism is launched next week we must get assurances that it will be implemented. There is not point to all of the work that went into the report if it sits on a shelf and gathers dust. We need to know who will have responsibility for ensuring that the strategy is a success.

“I spoke on this is in the Dáil and I said to the minister that we must give someone legal responsibility for growing tourism in Cork. Failte Ireland deals on a regional and national level and the two Councils have teams in place that help develop tourism in Cork but there is no one with overall responsibility.

“Both Councils in Cork do great work to market the City and County separately but we need to have someone who takes overall responsibility. If we can’t hold someone to account the marketing of Cork as a single destination will continue to fall between stools.

“I’m delighted that we are getting a coherent tourism marketing strategy for Cork but it must now be used over the next decade to market Cork as a single region. Our city and county has a lot to offer and we must sell this message. The success of this plan will also be crucial for continuing passenger growth at Cork Airport. Now that we have a strategy we must implement it, we must put the plan into action.”