Cork Counselling Centre to benefit from National Lottery Funding

Cork Counselling Centre to benefit from National Lottery Funding

I wholeheartedly welcome the announcement by Minister for Health Simon Harris of €60,000 in National Lottery Funding for Cork Counselling Centre. The funding has been allocated for the provision of mental health services for people with disabilities.

“In 2015, the centre welcomed over 300 new clients in addition to an ongoing client list. There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of GP and social work referrals. It is evident that demand for the services is increasing every year which has placed crippling pressure on its capacity to meet demand.

 “This pressure is most evident in the centres work with individuals with disabilities. Many of these clients spend a disproportionate amount of time on a waiting list as the centre was unable to facilitate appointments due to the lack of accessible rooms.

“It is hoped that the funding will go towards the installation insulation and furnishing of a new office that would facilitate the centres work with individuals with mobility issues and would increase the capacity to offer appointments to those on waiting lists.

“It is vital that we continue provide support to services like Cork Counselling Centre so that people with disability can gain or regain skills and confidence to achieve the same kinds of goals in life as other individuals and to live as independently as possible.”

Today’s announcement included €131,310.00 in funding to Cork based services.