Cork City Joint Policing Committee

Cork City Joint Policing Committee

Fine Gael Senator Jerry Buttimer met with the Cork City Joint Policing Committee on 19th June to discuss strategies for monitoring and improving the Garda Síochána. The committee considered several reports from Local Policing District Management Committees regarding recent crime and traffic details and community safety in Co. Cork.


The Joint Policing Committee highlighted the importance of public confidence in the Policing Authority. One of the committee’s main jobs is to supervise the performance of the Garda Síochána in terms of policing and possible improvements. Its members share a common vision of a society whose police force is “professional, impartial, and enjoys the trust and support of the people.”


“During my meeting with the Cork City Joint Policing Committee, I made it clear that there should be more transparency between the Garda and public. Public oversight and confidence in policing are highly important.”


The Committee is working on several improvements within the Garda regarding a stronger Code of Ethics, established priorities and performance standards, and greater guidelines for the maintenance of Joint Policing Committees (JPCs). The Committee can hold as many meetings with the Commissioner of the Garda as it deems necessary to oversee Garda functions, and at least four meetings a year are open to the public and media broadcasting. Additionally, it reviews the Garda’s governance, performance, and deployment of resources.


For 2017, Policing Priorities include confronting crime and strengthening the policing of the community and roads. This includes working with the Garda Síochána to create an annual Policing Plan to be approved by the Authority and placed before the Oireachtas.