€151,985 in additional funding for Cork roads under Local Improvement Scheme

A further €151,985 in funding has been secured for Local Improvement Schemes in Cork, a Fine Gael Senator has said.
Minister Michael Ring, Minister for Rural and Community Development, announced a further €7.4 million in funding for Local Authorities under the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) to support the improvement of non-public rural roads in 2017.
The funding will allow for the repair and improvement of small roads and laneways leading to local people’s homes and businesses that are not under the normal maintenance of the Local Authorities.
This brings to €17.4 million, the amount invested by the Government in non-public rural lanes, boreens and access roads this year.
Senator Jerry Buttimer said: “I am very pleased to announce that an extra €151,985 funding has been secured for Local Improvement Schemes here in Cork.
“We in Fine Gael know just how the important of the Local Improvement Scheme for people who live in rural Ireland.
“These roads provide vital access to homes and farms as well as amenities such as lakes, rivers or the ocean.
“The Department of Rural and Community Development will provide up to 90% of the funding through the Local Authorities, with the remaining contribution coming from local residents, or Local Authorities in the case of roads leading to public amenities.”
Minister Ring said: “The Republic of Opportunity is focused on ensuring that all parts of Ireland share prosperity and economic growth whether it is through new roads, broadband, better third level institutions and more job opportunities.
“I will ensure that my Department continues to invest in infrastructure to support rural people in their daily lives.” Minister Ring said.