Decrease in crime across Cork City but need for continued vigilance – Buttimer

Friday, 25 March 2013

Overall decrease in crime rates across the Cork City Garda Division for quarter three of 2013

The Gardai have reported that over the last three months there has been a 7.8% reduction in the recorded crime statistics across the Cork City Division when compared with the same period last year.  The largest decrease is in the area of Criminal Damage and Public Order, which is down 18%.  There has also been a large decrease in Crimes Against the Person, which is down 14%.  These two categories of crime are important indicators as they show the level of criminal activity on our streets and affect how safe people feel when going about their daily lives.  Decreases in both of these categories are particularly welcome and reassuring.

The overall reduction in crime is testament to the continuing efforts of our Gardai to make sure that our streets are safe and that people feel secure in their homes.  Modern policing models are a crucial element in tackling crime and the commitment of the Gardai to proactive community policing is clearly having a positive impact and helping to reduce crime across our city.

While the overall figures are down there has been an increase in the incident count for the possession of drugs for personal use and the possession of offensive weapons.  These increases highlight the need for continued vigilance and show that the fight against crime is continuing.

Investment in the Garda force is an important element of efforts to tackle criminal activity.  To help with this the Government has announced an additional €9 million investment in the Garda Fleet, €5 million of this will be made available between now and the end of this year.  As well as this investment Garda recruitment will recommence in 2014, for five years there has been no Garda recruitment, bringing in new members to the force will ensure that we continue to have the necessary strength in numbers to continue fighting criminal activity.


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DNA database will be huge help to An Garda Síochána in fight against crime

Wednesday, September 11th 2013

I welcome today’s announcement of the establishment of a DNA database which will be a massive help to An Garda Síochána in tackling crime. The database will have the capacity to link crimes and identify suspects in relation to unsolved crimes, allowing Gardaí to make better use of their resources in targeting their investigations.

Today’s announcement is yet another example of how this Government is delivering on reforming the way things are done in this country. It is imperative that we are ahead of the game when it comes to tackling crime in this country and by having a DNA database. Fine Gael has been campaigning for such a database for a long time and I am delighted that we have delivered on another key commitment in the Programme for Government.

The information that An Garda Síochána will be able to gather from this database will be invaluable when it comes to fighting crimes such as burglary, assault, murder and sexual offences. While ensuring that this legislation fully respects human rights, the Gardaí will also be able to engage in smarter policing and work more closely with their European counterparts.

I would like to thank Minister Shatter for his hard work and dedication in bringing this project to fruition.

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Garda recruitment signals firm commitment to policing – Buttimer


The start of Garda recruitment signals a firm commitment to policing and to our serving Gardái. I welcome this commitment by the Minister for Justice and Equality which will see new recruits entering Garda training for the first time since 2009.

It was unfortunate that in 2009 the then Government ended Garda recruitment. Since then economic circumstances have impeded this Government’s determination to again bring young recruits into the Garda Siochána. In conjunction with the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Minister Shatter has now brought about a reversal of the 2009 decision. This will strengthen our police force and give much needed employment opportunities to our many well educated young people who, through no fault of their own, have been left without the chance to commence their careers.

Locally the latest crime and traffic statistics given by the Garda Siochana show that the number of incidents across all headline categories has decreased. Across the Cork City Division figures show that property crimes are down 4%, crimes against the person are down 5% and criminal damage and public order offences are down 18%. Although there has been a very welcome decrease in the reported figures it is vital that we continue to invest in and provide resources for the Gardai. The decision to commence recruitment will provide much needed additional resources so that the Gardai can continue their excellent work in tackling crime and community liaison.

I hope that every will be made to get this recruitment process underway as soon as possible.

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