Budget begins sharing recovery across society – Buttimer

Tuesday, 14th October 2014

  • Budget 2015 begins to share the benefits of recovery across society.
  • Measures introduced will assist families and individuals who have sacrificed significantly over the past seven years. 

Budget 2015 - income tax and USC ChangesToday’s budget will help to ensure that the benefits of recovery will be shared across society. By reducing income tax and the rates of universal social charge, this budget has continued the Government’s priority of encouraging work and job creation. This budget does more than just benefit those in work; it also contains measures that will help those who relying on a range of social protection measures.

Reducing the amount of tax on employment helps businesses to create jobs and it increases the take home pay of workers. Reducing the amount of tax on wages has a direct impact on all workers. It has prioritised those on low and middle incomes by taking people on low incomes out of the USC and reduces the higher rate of income tax from 41% to 40%. It has increased the tax band at which the top rate of tax is paid by €1,000 to €33,800; this will make a significant difference for working families and individuals.

Budget 2015 has also provided much needed relief for people on fixed incomes. As well as returning a Christmas Bonus to people receiving social welfare this budget also provides extra help in meeting costs of water charges. There will be a new Water Subsidy worth €100 per anum for all recipients of the Household Benefits Package. This will significantly reduce a person’s water bill, and when combined with efforts to reduce water use, it will make the bill much more manageable.

Working families will also have access to assistance in paying water charges.  Water charges of up to €500 per year will be tax deductible at the standard rate, this will provide families with a €100 contribution towards meeting water charges.  This will be of particular benefit to families with teenage children and adult children who continue to live at home.

Returning our country to a position of growth over the last three years has been down to the hard work and resilience of the Irish people and their determination to put things back on track. All of these efforts have put our country on a path to recovery and growth that will have benefits across society. Budget 2015 is the first budget that returns the benefit of improved economic conditions to families.”

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Cork, a destination of choice for leading companies – Buttimer

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014

  • Announcement of 40 new jobs shows that Cork is a destination of choice of leading companies.
  • Itron to establish Global Business Services centre at City Gate, Mahon.

Logos for Itron StatementThe decision by Itron to establish a global business services centre in Cork shows that our city is a destination of choice for successful businesses.  Cork is now the centre of a cluster of leading ICT businesses which we must leverage to entice even more companies to locate in Cork and create much needed employment.

By the end of this year Itron plans to create 40 new positions at City Gate in Mahon.  Opportunities will be available in accounting, financial control and financial administration.  These jobs will be attractive to experienced professionals and are another important step in creating opportunities for people to return to work.

This is another vote of confidence in Cork and its people which will benefit local families and communities.  This year has seen many regular job announcements for Cork.  This week alone we have had 210 new jobs being created or announced.  The reopening of the Kingsley Hotel has created 130 new positions and yesterday 40 new jobs were announced by AlienVault.  We must continue to take decisions that encourage companies to come to Cork and create new employment opportunities across all industries.

Since this Government has come to office its primary objective has been to create the economic environment to encourage job creation.  Recent CSO statistics show that for the first time since 2009 for four successive months the number of people on the live register in Cork City and County has been under 38,000.  Since it peaked in July 2010 the number of people on the live register in Cork has fallen by 20%.  The statistics and the succession of job announcements in Cork this year show that policies are having an effect.  However, we must continue to make every effort to attract new businesses and create opportunities for all those who are still looking for work.

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Parliamentary Question: European Globalisation Adjustment Fund

Question to the Minister of State at the Department for Education and Skills (Mr Ciarán Cannon, TD)

To ask the Minister for Education and Skills the benefits he envisages of the application to the European Commission for co-funding support for a programme of guidance, training, education and enterprise supports; when a decision is expected; if in the interim the initiative showcasing supports for persons seeking work will be available to persons in County Cork; and if he will make a statement on the matter. – Jerry Buttimer.

For WRITTEN answer on Tuesday, 8th July, 2014.


An application for EU co-funding under the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) in support of 171 workers made redundant at the Andersen Ireland jewellery manufacturing plant in Rathkeale, Co. Limerick and for up to a similar number of targeted young persons under 25 years not in employment, education or training, was made by my Department on 16 May 2014.

Approval of this application under the co-decision procedure by the institutions of the EU, Commission, Council and Parliament,  will take some considerable time based on experience of previous applications and the fact that European Parliament elections took place recently. In the interim, and in anticipation of EU approval in due course of the Irish application, relevant supports are being provided by a range of local service providers in the areas of guidance, training, education and enterprise supports. These supports are being funded solely from national sources currently. All supports are being co-ordinated at  local level by the SOLAS EGF Coordination Unit which will shortly open an office in Rathkeale and which is currently operating from Raheen, Co. Limerick.  The benefit of these supports is to increase the employability of the persons in question and to demonstrate solidarity and reintegrate them as soon as possible into the labour force.

The Department of Social Protection is currently putting together a verified list of young persons under 25 years in the first instance in the West Limerick area who are not in employment, education or training for potential inclusion in any subsequently approved EGF programme. A number of these persons have been contacted by the EGF Coordination Unit. This is the first time such an approach has been possible under the EGF and the Irish application is understood to be one of the first to undertake such an approach across the EU. The outcomes, providing the application is ultimately approved by the EU, will be closely monitored by my Department.

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