Announcement of up to 500 jobs at Tyco shows Cork has regained its competitiveness – Buttimer

Monday, January 27th 2014

  • Tyco is establishing a business service centre in Cork with the creation of 500 jobs
  • Great boost for the city and proof that is has regained its competitiveness
  • Tyco is the world’s largest fire protection and security company

The possible creation of 500 jobs at this new multinational facility is a fantastic boost for Cork, and further cements the city’s strong reputation for attracting foreign direct investment. Tyco is a huge international company with operations in 1,000 locations worldwide and $10 billion in annual revenues. It is very welcome back to the Cork business community, after it closed manufacturing facilities here in 2007 and 2008.

The company has stated that Ireland’s status as the host of support operation centres for numerous international firms played a significant role in its decision to locate here. It is also clear that the company believes Ireland has become much more competitive, as it cited a lack of competitiveness as one of the reasons for its withdrawal from the Irish market just six years ago.

Tyco representatives say they are keen to build a local talent pool to fill the new roles. I would encourage anyone interested in applying to do so without delay by visiting the company’s local career website at

The creation of 500 new jobs in Cork will have a positive knock on effect for the local economy, with hundreds of spin off jobs likely to be created in support industries. The Tyco jobs will be created across a range of areas including sourcing and procurement, customer service, research and development, information technology, and finance.

This is yet another positive day on the jobs front for Cork. I would like to commend the Minister for Jobs, Richard Bruton TD, for his tireless work in encouraging international firms like Tyco to bring their operations to Ireland and create jobs here. I look forward to further positive announcements for Cork in the coming months.

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40 additional jobs at BioMarin proof of company’s major growth potential

Friday, January 24th 2014

  • 40 additional jobs are being created at BioMarin Manufacturing in Shanbally, Ringaskiddy
  • A further 65 construction jobs will be created in the next building phase at the facility, which will start in March

This is very encouraging news just two and a half years after BioMarin announced that it was setting up in Ringaskiddy with the creation of 100 jobs. Thanks to significant global demand for its products, the company is already in the position to boost this figure by creating an additional 40 positions by 2015.

These are high quality jobs across a range of areas, including manufacturing and manufacturing sciences and technology, facilities and engineering, quality, information technology, finance and administration.

BioMarin is a global biotech company which will manufacture products to treat rare genetic orphan diseases. As such, it is exactly the kind of pharmaceutical company the Government is targeting for growth. In particular, the Government has put a focus on biopharma and genetics, and as a result the number of people employed in pharmaceuticals here is actually increasing, despite the challenges facing the industry.

The Ringaskiddy plant will act as the hub for BioMarin’s European manufacturing operations, giving the site huge potential for further growth in the future. It is heartening to hear senior executives from BioMarin to not only cite our infrastructure as a reason to invest in the region, but also the great quality of life which they can offer their staff in Cork.

According to the company, the Shanbally facility will be key to BioMarin’s future developments globally, and I look forward to further jobs growth in the years ahead.

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Creation of 58,000 jobs in last year shows Govt approach is working – Buttimer

26 November 2013

Almost 5,000 jobs a month being created

Pro jobs measures in Budget will facilitate further job creation in 2014

This improvement reflects similar changes that were evident in the Live Register figures for October.  It shows that almost 5,000 jobs a month are being created in the private sector.  This is hugely encouraging and shows that this Government’s plan to get Ireland working again is bearing fruit.

The Live Register figures for October 2013 showed that for the first time since April 2009 the number of people on the Register in Cork has fallen below 39,000.  In October 38,449 people were on the register in Cork, while this figure is still too high it represents a fall of 19.6%, or over 9,000, from a peak of almost 48,000 in July 2010.  Now the employment figures from the Quarterly National Household Survey Quarter 3 are further evidence of this improvement.

Budget 2014 contained pro-jobs measures which will, I believe, further incentivise small and large businesses to create jobs in Ireland in 2014. The 25 separate measures that support job creation as part of a €500 million pro-jobs package in Budget 2014 will help us build on the excellent progress being made in encouraging investment in Ireland and tackling our unemployment problem.

The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme is a particularly positive initiative, which will allow homeowners to claim back VAT on improvements carried out on their homes. This will generate significant amounts of work for registered tradesmen and contractors and, I believe, create jobs for people who were laid off when the construction sector collapsed under the last Government.

The retention of the 9% VAT rate is hugely welcome for the tourism sector, which has enjoyed a surge in visitor numbers over the last two years. The lower VAT rate was originally introduced as a temporary measure, but Minister Noonan has taken the very pragmatic decision to maintain the low rate in a bid to sustain and further encourage growth in this area.

Recent changes to Jobseeker’s Benefit and Allowance now make it easier for people to take up temporary work and short-term training courses.  Claims can now be suspended for up to eight weeks to allow people to take up these opportunities and will be reinstated without delay when the work or training finishes.  This is a very significant change and will be particularly helpful for those looking to take up temporary work opportunities over the Christmas period.

While we still have a long way to go, these figures show that we are moving firmly in the right direction. Ireland has experienced a fall in unemployment for the last 16 months in a row and is about to regain its economic independence by exiting the bailout. With a budget in place for next year which will further incentivise job creation, I firmly believe that we are heading in the right direction.

Unemployment caused much distress and financial hardship for all of those affected and their families.  After all of these difficulties it is a relief to see confirmation of the creation of 5,000 private sector jobs per month.  I hope that this improvement will be reflected in improved circumstances across the many homes that have been affected.

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