Local Enterprise Offices support Cork businesses create 549 extra jobs – Buttimer

Friday, 17th April 2015

The creation of an extra 549 jobs in Cork demonstrates the success of Local Enterprise Offices.

Setting up Local Enterprise Offices was all about helping to create jobs and it is great to see that in Cork this is now delivering real results. In the first year of operation LEOs in Cork have supported the creation of an extra 549 jobs. This is great news for the businesses involved, for the local economy and more importantly for people who have secured new jobs.

The success of LEOs in Cork is not just about creating new jobs, they are also important in supporting businesses and existing employment. In Cork 466 businesses that create direct employment for more than 2,700 people have received support from LEOs.

The success of LEOs in Cork mirrors the success of these offices across the country. Nationally over 6,000 companies that directly employ more than 31,000 people have been supported. In twelve months alone this has created an 7,305 new jobs.

Start-up businesses and entrepreneurs drive growth in our economy and are responsible for creating two thirds of all jobs. Supporting these enterprises has the potential to support jobs growth in every town and village in the country. That is why Government have placed start-ups and entrepreneurs at the centre of our jobs plans.

Our Action Plan for Jobs is working with over 90,000 jobs added since its launch in February 2012. More jobs is the number one priority of Fine Gael in Government. We’re aiming for 40,000 extra this year and a return to full employment by 2018, two years ahead of target.

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€200 million for local authority housing will reduce waiting lists in Cork and create jobs – Buttimer

Wednesday, 1st April 2015

  • €200 million allocated for local authority housing in Cork.
  • Funding forms part of the Government’s €3.8 billion social housing strategy announced last November. 

In Cork, over €200 million has been allocated to the City and County Councils for local authority housing. This will greatly reduce waiting lists and provides hope for the thousands of families who are waiting for suitable housing.

Cork City Council is to receive €124 million for local authority housing which is expected to meet 21% of housing needs in the City. The County area is to receive over €80 million, which is expected to meet 25% of the total demand. This is not even including the Housing Assistance Payment which will help to further reduce demand on our housing waiting list.

Along with all local authorities, both Councils in Cork have been asked to bring forward the housing unit targets and specific building projects it has planned for now to 2017. As part of the strategy, targets had to be agreed with each local authority in 2015. It is expected that this funding will help create 2,566 housing units in Cork City and County.

In total across the country, over €1.5 billion will be invested in a combination of building, buying and leasing schemes by local authorities designed to accommodate 25% of those currently on the housing waiting lists in social housing. Approximately 300 separate building proposals by local authorities are currently being assessed by the Department of Environment and will be announced in a number of phases starting this month. Construction is already underway for social housing in approximately 33 sites throughout the country.

Across Cork this funding will help to create and sustain approximately 1,600 jobs in the construction sector which was so badly affected by the economic crash of recent years. This is a really important part of the Government’s plan to spread job creation and economic recovery to all counties around Ireland so that everyone can feel the benefit.

Local Authority

Provisional Funding Allocation

Targets 2015 – 2017

Impact on Housing Need Assessment Numbers %

Approx Jobs Figures

Cork City Council





Cork County Council





National Total




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Cork continues to attract leading companies – Buttimer

Thursday, 19th March 2015

  • Decision by Malwarebytes to locate its EMEA headquarters in Cork again shows that the city attracts leading technology companies.

The decision by Malwarebytes to locate its EMEA headquarters in Cork again shows that the city has a reputation that attracts leading technology companies. Cork has a developed a cluster of the some of the biggest names in technology industries. We have an educated workforce that meets the needs of these companies and we have facilities that enable them to successfully conduct their operations from a Cork base.

As well as signalling that Cork has become a tech-hub, it is welcome that 50 new jobs will be created. The reason we want to attract business is to create jobs so that people can get back to work and to give opportunities for those that left Ireland to return home. Maintaining policies that support and encourage businesses is critical to the future of our economy and society.

Malwarebyes’ decision to locate in Cork will be another boost for the local jobs market. For 32 months the Live Register has been falling and in Cork it has reduced by 23% since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs in March 2012. All of this points to the reality of some economic recover but with much work left to do. These 50 new jobs will be another help in tackling unemployment and with the right policies we will continue to see job growth and creation.


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