Buttimer welcomes referendum on Fiscal Compact

Fine Gael Cork South Central Deputy, Jerry Buttimer, has welcomed the Government’s decision to hold a referendum on the Fiscal Stability Treaty, announced this afternoon by the Taoiseach (Tuesday) in the Dáil.
“I welcome the Government’s decision, based on the advice given by the Attorney General, that a referendum should be held on the Treaty on Stability, Co-ordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union.
“The Government has taken heed of the AG’s advice on this matter and will now ask the Irish people to give their opinion on the text of the Treaty and its implications for Ireland.
“We have made dramatic inroads in the past year since the Government came to office to restore or reputation internationally, and the ratification of this Treaty represents the next important stage in ensuring economic stability and a jobs-led recovery.
“The Taoiseach has said all along that if a referendum was needed, we would have one. Today, the Government has announced that it will consult the Irish people, and ask their opinion on the matter.
“It is vital that the people are given a choice of where they see Ireland in the future. I believe that the electorate will choose to endorse this Treaty and to build on the steady progress the country has made in the past year. Ratification of the Treaty will reaffirm Ireland’s commitment to the European Union, ensuring stronger fiscal rules for all signatories to the Treaty. This will ensure that a reckless approach to budgetary matters will become a thing of the past.
“There has been no attempt to hide behind the AG’s advice where this Treaty is concerned. The Government has taken the independent advice offered and will now give the people an opportunity to state their views on this issue of critical importance.”

Posted under Economic, Europe, National Work

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