Local Enterprise Offices support Cork businesses create 549 extra jobs – Buttimer

Friday, 17th April 2015

The creation of an extra 549 jobs in Cork demonstrates the success of Local Enterprise Offices.

Setting up Local Enterprise Offices was all about helping to create jobs and it is great to see that in Cork this is now delivering real results. In the first year of operation LEOs in Cork have supported the creation of an extra 549 jobs. This is great news for the businesses involved, for the local economy and more importantly for people who have secured new jobs.

The success of LEOs in Cork is not just about creating new jobs, they are also important in supporting businesses and existing employment. In Cork 466 businesses that create direct employment for more than 2,700 people have received support from LEOs.

The success of LEOs in Cork mirrors the success of these offices across the country. Nationally over 6,000 companies that directly employ more than 31,000 people have been supported. In twelve months alone this has created an 7,305 new jobs.

Start-up businesses and entrepreneurs drive growth in our economy and are responsible for creating two thirds of all jobs. Supporting these enterprises has the potential to support jobs growth in every town and village in the country. That is why Government have placed start-ups and entrepreneurs at the centre of our jobs plans.

Our Action Plan for Jobs is working with over 90,000 jobs added since its launch in February 2012. More jobs is the number one priority of Fine Gael in Government. We’re aiming for 40,000 extra this year and a return to full employment by 2018, two years ahead of target.

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Buttimer welcomes Mary McAleese’s support for Marriage Equality

Monday, 13th April 2015

It is hugely encouraging that Mary McAleese, a highly respected former President, has proclaimed her support for marriage equality. She and her husband Martin, on whose behalf she also spoke, have clearly given great consideration to this issue and have concluded that it is the right path for our country to take.

As a committed Catholic, I welcome the contribution of Mary McAleese who is a Canon lawyer and a noted intellectual voice within the Church. Her message today resonated with words of equality and fairness. She cited the assertion of 1916 Proclamation that all of the children of the nation should be cherished equally. I believe that marriage equality will make Ireland a better fairer place and I am hugely encouraged that Mary McAleese and her husband have lent their support to the campaign.

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Under 6’s care a step towards universal health care – Buttimer

Thursday, 9th April 2015

  • Department of Health, HSE and Irish Medical Organisation reach agreement on delivery of free GP care for all children aged under-6

Free GP-care for under-6’s will begin this summer. This is another important step towards universal healthcare and follows the recent agreement on free GP care for over-70s. Both will make a real difference to the lives of the youngest and oldest in our society and delivers on the Government’s promise of enhancing primary care.

So from this summer 300,000 children and senior citizens who currently have to pay to see their GP will no longer have to. All children under-6 will benefit from the new enhanced service including age-based preventive checks focused on health and wellbeing and the prevention of disease and for children diagnosed with asthma doctors will carry out an annual review of each child where athsma has been diagnosed.

Before the last General Election Fine Gael was very clear universal healthcare would take time and it is very encouraging to see that we are making progress.

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