Every section of society is affected by crime, whether it’s theft from a shop, burglary of a home or more serious assaults, we are all affected either directly or indirectly.  We need a combination of strong laws and well-resourced Gardai to combat crime.

This means well-resourced Gardai on our streets and strong laws that put victims at the centre of our criminal justice system.  With new bail laws, statutory rights for victims of crime, new Gardai and increased Garda resources we are delivering improvements and reforms that will make a real difference to local communities.

Our Victims of Crime Bill will give victims clear rights in the criminal justice system for the first time.

Stricter laws will make it easier to deny or revoke bail for repeat offenders and those who commit crimes while out on bail.  We have started recruiting new Gardai and have invested in new Garda vehicles.   Forty-nine new Garda cars were allocated across Cork in 2015, almost one new vehicle each and every week.  These changes will help the fight against crime in our communities.