As a T.D., I was Chairperson of the Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children. Therefore, I am aware of the impact the economic downturn has taken on our health system.  Wonderful front line staff provide excellent services for which every one of us is grateful.  To help ease the pressure on existing staff and improve services we have again started recruiting nurses and doctors.

Despite these difficulties we have been able to deliver some important projects here in Cork.  This has involved capital expenditure of over €80 million and includes:

  • New Radiation Oncology Unit
  • New Cardiac and Renal facilities
  • Dedicated Leukaemia and Cystic Fibrosis Units (partially funded through generous fundraising efforts of groups like Build4Life)
  • Haemophilia/Haematology Day Unit
  • Acute Medical Assessment Unit
  • Fully opening the excellent new Palliative Care and Long Stay Residential Unit at St. Patricks / Marymount Hospice

I wholeheartedly support and have enormous respect for the hard-working staff of the Irish health service but I also believe it is my job to represent the people of Ireland who have concerns and seek answers to health related matters.