Capital funding to help community childcare facilities – Buttimer

Tuesday, 15th July 2014

  • €273,649 Early Years Capital Funding for 20 community childcare facilities in Cork.
  • €2.5 million in capital funding has been allocated nationally.

Community childcare facilities provide vital supports and services for families and on-going capital funding is essential to ensuring that they are provided in appropriate and safe facilities.  I am delighted that childcare facilities in Blackrock, Carrigaline, Mahon and Turners Cross will benefit from this funding.

Beginnings Creche at Mahon family Resource Centre will receive €13,429 and Scoil Ursula Preschool, Blackrock will get €4,880.  In Carrigaline An Naíonra Charraig Uí Leighin will receive €5,516 and Turner’s Cross Community Playgroup will get €7,152.  These grants will allow each facility to carry our essential repairs, maintenance or refurbishment.  This will provide a welcome improvement to the facilities, ultimately benefitting the children and families that use the important services delivered at community facilities.

Providing access to community facilities must be central to reducing the cost of childcare and increasing availability of spaces.  There are a number of very significant initiatives already underway to help with this and to deliver on the Early Years Quality Agenda.  Government already provides annual funding of €260 million to support a number of targeted child care support programmes that assist parents in accessing quality and affordable child care.  The funding announced today, together with these initiatives, are signs of much needed progress in the enabling families to access childcare.

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Cork allocated almost €2.8m in funding to turn 179 vacant units into homes – Buttimer

Tuesday, 8th July 2014

  • €2.8 million to renovate vacant units across Cork City and County will create homes for 179 families.
  • Cork City Council is to be allocated more than €1.5 million in Government funding to turn 92 vacant units across the city into homes
  • Cork County Council is to receive almost €1.2 million to refurbish 87 housing units.
  • Nationally €15 million has been allocated nationally to bring 1,008 vacant local authority units into use. 

Refurbishing vacant houses so that they can again be used as homes is fundamental to meeting demands for social housing. In recent years a high number of local authority homes in Cork have been left vacant and boarded up, which is a complete waste. This funding will help turn vacant units back into homes for 179 families.

The Government is allocating €1,585,000 to Cork City Council, which will allow work to be carried out on 92 vacant properties, so they can be brought back into use. Cork County Council will receive €1,181,000 which will turn 87 vacant units into homes.

Less than three months ago the Government announced €1,280,000 to help City Council renovate 94 houses.  At that time almost €1 million was allocated to Cork County Council to refurbish 68 units.  This represents significant investment to help tackle the housing waiting lists.

It has been reported that there were 520 vacant units across Cork City, taking both rounds of funding into account, funding has been provided to renovate 186 units.  This will return 35% of all vacant units back into family homes.

So far this year, €30 million has been invested nationally on the refurbishment of vacant local authority houses. This programme will increase our social housing supply quickly and I hope that both City and County Councils can use this funding as soon as possible to deliver homes for 341 families.

Not only will this funding provide homes for families it will also create much needed jobs.  I am pleased that Councils are being encouraged to use community based organisations who recruit, train and engage long-term unemployed people for the refurbishment programme.

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